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Ashley Vogiatzis MA joined OHC last July


Ashley Vogiatzis MA joined OHC last July as a medical assistant intern. We placed her at Sanofi and she thrived. We are so excited that she is going back to school to be an RN. Ashley, we look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you will accomplish! Here is Ashley’s story: Hi everyone. I have been working for Nancy for almost a year and it has been the most rewarding year of my life. Working at Sanofi as a Medical Assistant has broadened my knowledge about the medical field all around. I am so thankful I chose the [...]

Ashley Vogiatzis MA joined OHC last July2021-05-04T16:33:31+00:00

Sarah Carvell RN joined OHC in 2020


Sarah Carvell RN joined us in 2020 to help with testing and screening for Covid. This photo is of her at Holy Cross University in Worcester where she helps with covid testing for the students and faculty. Thanks Sarah for keeping the University safe. Here is Sarah’s story: I was a Junior at Wheaton College (Norton, MA) and had taken a physiology course, which made me realize how incredible the human body was. It was that class and my love of connecting with people that drove me to pursue nursing. I completed all of my prerequisites at Wheaton, so [...]

Sarah Carvell RN joined OHC in 20202021-05-04T16:27:49+00:00

Tiffany Asta RN joined OHC this January


Tiffany Asta RN joined OHC this January as a remote telephonic covid resource nurse. She recently completed her Masters of Education in Health & Wellness Education. Well done Tiffany! Here is her story: 1983- I was 14 years old – My life changed with the impact of two things that directed me toward nursing: 1. For years I had watched Frazier Thomas on Sunday afternoon’s ‘Family Classics’. Those movies, as well as reading books, made me realize that there is a whole world out there beyond the reaches of the safe suburban Chicago middle class life. Seeing ‘Out of [...]

Tiffany Asta RN joined OHC this January2021-05-04T16:20:56+00:00

Angelica Frascolla’s Nursing Story


Angelica Frascolla RN joined OHC this month and we are glad she has joined our team. Here is her story: Growing up, I always admired my grandmother for the way she cared for others. Whether it be at her job as a Nurse, or at home; she showed compassion and empathy for others. She was my inspiration to go into nursing, and I was also a nerd for Anatomy & Physiology in high school! I work as a Registered Nurse at UMass Memorial on an Acute Care floor. I also pursue modeling/acting out in Boston, MA. A few of my [...]

Angelica Frascolla’s Nursing Story2021-05-04T16:09:35+00:00

Diane D’Onofrio’s Nursing Story


Please read Diane D’Onofrio’s nursing story – it will give you chills: I have been an RN since 1987. As a child, I spent a lot of time sitting in hospital waiting rooms as my mom visited my grandmother. I guess I always felt helpless because I couldn’t see her, yet I wanted her to get well and come home. I also had a great interest in watching medical shows on TV, especially those that took place in ER settings. I think my grandmother was my biggest inspiration to go to nursing school. When I graduated, I was young, [...]

Diane D’Onofrio’s Nursing Story2021-05-04T15:58:39+00:00

Eileen Brown RN has worked with OHC for 16 years!


Eileen Brown RN has worked with OHC for 16 years!!! She has worked for OHC at the Post Office general mail facility, Federal government buildings, Cambridge Health Alliance occ health clinic, Children’s & Brigham & Women’s Hospital doing flu shots, a summer at a construction site but most of the time in employee health at Dana Farber. Eileen is a pleasure to work with and we are always happy to have her back in the spring! Here is Eileen’s story: (photo- Eileen is in the red sweater) I grew up in Dorchester the youngest of 2 girls. My parents [...]

Eileen Brown RN has worked with OHC for 16 years!2021-04-24T22:49:04+00:00

Rita Banks RN has worked for OHC for 15 years!


Rita Banks RN has worked for OHC for 15 years!!! She makes me laugh every time I speak with her and she is always up for an adventure. Her OHC jobs have including working for the Federal government, U Mass Hospital, Solutia, Yankee Candle, Lowes Distribution Center, Smith & Wesson and more. We were so proud to go to Fenway Park to watch Rita throw out the first pitch at the game during nurse appreciation night. Here is Rita’s inspiring story: My nursing story has been long and prosperous in more than 30 years. I graduated from nursing school [...]

Rita Banks RN has worked for OHC for 15 years!2021-04-24T22:39:05+00:00

Nancy & Paul Clover – Bread & Roses Volunteers


"It's the greatest feeling... I can't describe it." Our good pals Paul and Nancy Clover share a little about what they love about volunteering at Bread & Roses in this video! Paul and Nancy Clover have been involved with Bread & Roses for over 20 years. Nancy grew up in Lawrence on welfare and food stamps. She went to nursing school on a Pell Grant. The Clover’s are committed to giving back. Nancy organizes the shopping & cooking of our biannual meals, filling back packs with school supplies and establishing medical clinic complete with medical supplies. Paul does the [...]

Nancy & Paul Clover – Bread & Roses Volunteers2021-05-08T12:57:19+00:00

Rakel Tavitian RN is on her first assignment for OHC


Rakel Tavitian RN is on her first assignment for OHC. She joined our team on a recommendation from another OHC nurse while she completes her NP schooling. We are happy to welcome Rakel to the OHC team!!! Here is Rakel’s story: I got a job 6 years ago at a nursing home to get my foot in the door in the healthcare field. Going into college, I thought wanted to be a pharmacist. I became a biology major. Eventually, I got a job as a pharmacy technician trainee while I was working as a nurse’s aide in the nursing [...]

Rakel Tavitian RN is on her first assignment for OHC2021-04-24T22:20:45+00:00

Kristina Pelletier RN joined OHC last September


Kristina Pelletier RN joined OHC last September. Kristina has helped with covid screenings at Worcester Poly Tech & Holy Cross College as well as the Amazon construction site & Insulet. She is flexible and helpful. We are glad she has joined our team. Here is Kristina’s story: Nursing is actually my second career. I was a hairstylist for over 5 years before going back to school full time to pursue my dream career of nursing. I always had an interest in nursing (my mother is a nurse), but I was too afraid I would not succeed and didn't go [...]

Kristina Pelletier RN joined OHC last September2021-04-15T12:48:37+00:00
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