Temporary or contract staff maintain uptime — easily and cost-effectively

Businesses and hospitals with comprehensive occupational and employee health programs need help from time to time. Vacations and extended absences must be staffed. Flu clinics, wellness fairs and special events often require additional personnel. Occupational Health Connections can help you meet those temporary staffing needs.

Temporary occupational or employee health NPs and RNs are available to work at your facility on an hourly basis to replace or supplement existing staff. Occupational Health Connections recruits and screens qualified professionals who can be placed for as little as a day or to fulfill a long-term contract. Applicants are subject to criminal background and reference checks, verification of appropriate credentials and guarantees of training in areas such as HIPAA, blood borne pathogens and CPR.

Occupational Health Connections Nurse

Temporary employees receive compensation and benefits from Occupational Health Connections, freeing your business from tax and insurance liabilities, wage and hour compliance and other administrative management issues.

Health professionals and employers are always carefully matched, assuring a perfect fit.