Questions & Answers from fellow Occupational health Nurses

Question: I am in the process of setting up a new occupational medicine clinic. I would really appreciate your opinion regarding equipment….audiometers, spirometers, EKG machines and vision testers. What models/products are you using and would you recommend them or not? If not, what model/product would you prefer?

  • Answer: I’m not impressed with Midmark spirometry. Optec and Titmus, are fine. Be sure to get software for your computer…let the computer do all your data storage for OSHA!

Question: Have you come across any books or places I could go to for P & P’s for NP’s practicing in an occupational health clinic?

  • Answer: Dr. Bonnie Rogers books will help the person looking for P & P’s.

Question: Can you put a feeler out to see what other medical Supply companies other places use (besides Moore)?

Question: Do you have any stats on RTW programs, temporary alternative duty programs, length of time an EE is out of work and the likelihood of his RTW?

Question: Is there any reason why cholinesterease levels would be drawn with annual firefighter physicals?

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