Stephanie Grant Ruddock joined OHC shortly after she got married in 2020.

Stephanie Grant joined OHC

She has had the opportunity to work at Insulet, Gillette and doing COVID vaccines. The photo is of her giving her first covid vaccine! She approaches all assignments with an eagerness to learn. We are glad Stephanie is part of our team.

Stephanie Grant Nursing Story:
I graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology in 2016. After graduating, I began working as a Mental Health Specialist at McLean Hospital, which is a psychiatric hospital in Belmont MA! I have such a passion for mental health. After about a year of floating between all inpatient units, working in psychosis, depression/anxiety, evaluations, trauma, geriatric care, PTSD, substance use, I started to pay attention to Psychiatric Nurses and found the care fascinating. I worked with multiple APRN’s and MD’s, all of whom helped me understand the psychiatric NP role.
I decided to apply to direct entry nurse practitioner programs to receive my BSN and then move forward with my masters. I was accepted into the program at Northeastern University, received my BSN in 15 months and then began working as a Registered Nurse on one of the best floors at the Hospital. Schizophrenia and Bipolar, first break psychosis and mood disorders.
I started working as an RN in March of 2020, the start of the COVID – 19 pandemic. After about 6 months of working full time as a new RN, I decided to apply to Occupational Health Connections, as one my best friends, Alison O’Neil told me about! I wanted to work part time as an occ health nurse to really make a difference and help out with the pandemic, testing and vaccinations. It has been so rewarding and working for Nancy has been amazing!
Things I do for Fun: Playing with Benny, my Bernese Mountain dog! Spending time with family! Exercising! Boxing!