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OHC Nurses have been on-site at a local hospital working with their infectious disease department to reduce inhouse infections. They conducted Hand Hygiene observation, audits and training. The program did over 2,000 observations per month in all departments in the hospital. Pictured are OHC Nurses Judy Wu and Vickie Puopolo-Chipman who have worked on this assignment.

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Meet Tina Lopez, RN!


Meet Tina Lopez, RN! Tina joined the OHC nurse team back in November of 2022 and we couldn't be happier!   Image text- "'Continually expanding my knowledge is my favorite part of healthcare and my job.' If you run into trouble while on the job, you'd be lucky to have Tina Lopez, RN, as your Occupational Health Nurse! With a background in emergency medicine, she is happy to be part of the team at OHC."

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Meet Molly Walsh, RN!


  Meet one of our many wonderful nurses, Molly! She has been working with us since December, 2022. We're so glad to have you on the OHC nurse team! Image text - "I love Occupational Health Nursing because it gives me the opportunity to care for our workers and ensure they are safe, happy and productive at work. The nursing support we offer in the workplace is so important and I'm blessed to be able to reach out and touch lives uniquely every day."

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Remembering Vivian Hislop


With a heavy heart, I am sorry to announce the passing of Vivian Hislop. Vivian was a 20 year employee of OHC, she retired in December of 2020 and passed away on September 21, 2021. She was the Occupational Health Nurse at Analog in Wilmington from 1982 until she joined OHC in 2001. She helped educated many nurses as an instructor at Beverly Hospital School of Nursing. She was the past president of Mass Occupational Health Nurses Association. Vivian always saw the bright side of life and will be missed. Vivian B. Hislop, 89, passed away Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in her home, in Wenham; where [...]

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Esther Tan joined OHC last November


Esther Tan joined OHC last November to help keep workers safe during the covid crisis. Here is her story: Nursing School: I had always been drawn to the healthcare profession, so it is no wonder I ended up in one. After graduating from undergraduate, I pursued my master’s in clinical counseling and practiced crisis counseling and family therapy. I had noticed the false dichotomy between mental health and physical health and felt a need to serve both. I started my Family Nurse Practitioner program at Boston College and soon joined OHC right after obtaining my RN license. Occupational Health: [...]

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Vickie Puopolo Chipman, RN joined OHC 8 months ago!


Vickie Puopolo Chipman RN started with OHC last November and quickly became an integral part of the team.  She has been working at Moderna, Insulet, and Pfizer. Her daughter, Ari, an EMT, joined us a few months later. Here is Vickie’s story: I’m not one to write about myself but here is my journey to nursing. I never wanted to be a nurse, secretary, or teacher, the jobs that were specific for women; I wanted to be an artist. Back in the day parents had a lot of influence as to what field you chose and a “starving artist” was not [...]

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Colleen Cudgma RN joined us about a year ago


Colleen Cudgma RN joined us about a year ago. She has quickly become a valuable member of our team. Colleen has worked for us at Beth Israel in Plymouth, Brigham & Women’s and Insulet. Here is her story: Growing up, my aunt Linda, an LPN, used to visit my family every weekend before her 3-11 pm shift at the hospital. She was only 14 years older than me, and I looked up to her like an older sister. Her shared nursing stories always intrigued me, and she would often tell me that I should become a nurse. After spending [...]

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Lisa Greene RN has worked for OHC twice


Lisa Greene RN has worked for us twice – 2012 – 2014 and then returned to us in 2016 to present. We are always honored when the nurses return to us. Lisa has done a variety of assignments – Gillette, Beth Israel, Newton Wellesley, Dana Farber and Emerson Hospitals, Federal buildings, Novartis but she has definitely made a home at Children’s Hospital Occupational Health. Here is Lisa’s story: I didn’t have any nurses in my family, so I’m not really sure how I became interested in nursing, but I used watch “Julia” with Diahann Carroll, and I also enjoyed [...]

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Diane D’Onofrio’s Nursing Story


Please read Diane D’Onofrio’s nursing story – it will give you chills: I have been an RN since 1987. As a child, I spent a lot of time sitting in hospital waiting rooms as my mom visited my grandmother. I guess I always felt helpless because I couldn’t see her, yet I wanted her to get well and come home. I also had a great interest in watching medical shows on TV, especially those that took place in ER settings. I think my grandmother was my biggest inspiration to go to nursing school. When I graduated, I was young, [...]

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Rita Banks RN has worked for OHC for 15 years!


Rita Banks RN has worked for OHC for 15 years!!! She makes me laugh every time I speak with her and she is always up for an adventure. Her OHC jobs have including working for the Federal government, U Mass Hospital, Solutia, Yankee Candle, Lowes Distribution Center, Smith & Wesson and more. We were so proud to go to Fenway Park to watch Rita throw out the first pitch at the game during nurse appreciation night. Here is Rita’s inspiring story: My nursing story has been long and prosperous in more than 30 years. I graduated from nursing school [...]

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