Judy Wu RN, BSN has been with OHC since 2013

Judy Wu RN, BSN has been with OHC since 2013 – she has had assignments at multiple hospital sites including: Brigham & Women’s, Beth Israel, Carney, Spaulding, Good Smartian, MGH, Dana Farber, and Lahey. As well as assignments for the Federal Government, Liberty Mutual and Shire. We are grateful to have Judy as part of or team!

Judy Wu’s story:

I selected a nursing for my professional career because of my father.
It was a long time ago. One day I received a phone call from my family in Taiwan that my father had a life-threatening accident and was rushed to at the local hospital in Taipei. I immediately purchased a plane ticket to fly home. After long flight and multiple airport transfers I finally arrived in Taipei.
Unfortunately, my father died before I arrived and sadly, I didn’t make it home in time to see my father for the last moment of his life. During the time at the hospital, I heard about the compassion, dedication, and professionalism of nurses who provided care for my father. It deeply touched my heart until now.
Soon after I returned to the United States I applied to the nursing program at a local college. The courses were very rigorous at the beginning of the program. They were especially difficult for me due to English not being my native language. I worked hard and spent extra hours studying to achieve my goals.

I graduated with honors and worked as a med surge nurse. I worked long hours and learned a lot from my site supervisor. One morning my supervisor approached me and asked if I was interested in an open position in infection control/employee health. I applied for the job and got it. Starting my new role under her guidance gave a big boost to my confidence. I have enjoyed my job ever since.

Later on, I learned from a coworker of the agency called “Occupational Health Connections “ which had an excellent reputation. I decided to apply for a job at OHC since (2013). Those eight years I experienced a value of the OHC’s philosophy and I have been a joyous highlight of my career.
Nancy Clover is the heart and soul of OHC and also she is a fun and kind person to work with. Under her leadership she has build a strong team that delivers consistent high quality resources and education to OHC’s work force partners. She is a true pioneer in the field of occupational health placement. I’m so proud and fortunate to be a part of the OHC family.