Jane Kelly RN has been working with OHC for almost 3 years.

Jane Kelly RN has been working with OHC for almost 3 years. She is one of the most creative nurses that we work with – always coming up with innovative ideas. She also has a large collection of ceramic frogs she keeps in her front yard and I laugh every time she gets a new one.

Here is Jane Kelly’s story …

I loved science in high school, even did an advanced Anatomy & Physiology class where we dissected a cat. Harder than the classes in nursing school.
Went to Mount Auburn Hospital School of Nursing in Cambridge, graduated 1976

My jobs.

Mass General – surgical floor
Winthrop Hospital – emergency room
Lynn Hospital – emergency room
SS Norway – 2 months fill in, cruise ship
Deer Island House of Correction
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center – urgent Care.
Caregroup Occupational Health
Health Resources/AllOne Health
Medcor- Shire Pharmaceutical
Occupational Health Connections – Bristol Myers Squibb.

How you ended up in occ health?

I was working in the Urgent Care at EBNHC, they had an Occupational Health Clinic at Logan Airport which they had to divest when they went bankrupt. There was a bidding war between NEBH and OH&R, OH&R won, NEBH decided to open clinic in Beth Israel building in neighboring Chelsea. NEBH hired the EBNHC OH staff. At this time the “big dig” was going on and the clinic got progressively busier and they needed another nurse. At the time, my son was 4 years old and getting child care was getting to be a bit too challenging. Tim, my husband, working crazy hours at Delta and I was working all kinds of hours at EBNHC. Initially I applied for job at Chelsea as I thought I would have the best of both worlds, urgent care type injuries as well as regular hours. I loved it, I learned a lot about orthopedic injuries and the clientele were great – mostly blue collar, truck and bus drivers but we did FAA exams as well. Then NEBH sold off their clinics and we were bought by AllOne. In an effort to save money, they replaced me with an MA and moved me to Woburn to be one of the National Nurses – basically reviewing Hazmat exams all day.

How you ended up at OHC?

I remembered Nancy from when I worked for NEBH and got her emails regularly with job postings.
Got into Medcor/Shire via Nancy but that position changed to full time (I had been doing 4 days) and I had to cover 2 buildings about 2 blocks apart. When Nancy posted the BMS position, it was only three days but I figured I could always pick up something one day a week as needed. Within 4 months, they asked me if I would be interested in 4 days a week so it worked out great.

What is your job at OHC like?

I love Bristol Myers Squibb, nicest group of people. Barbara, my manager who is in Devens kept me on last year March – June even though the building was empty except for facilities people so I would get paid. Pre-COVID, BMS did a lot of activities so you got to meet everyone – trivia contests, parties, treasure hunts etc.

Any lessons learned?

People are all the same, want to be treated with kindness and respect.
Don’t be afraid to take the leap to a new opportunity.
A little common sense goes a long way.
Any advice for the next generation of nurses?
Most your learning opportunities don’t come from a book or class. Listen to people.