Gail Maniscalco RN joined OHC is 2020

Gail Maniscalco RN joined OHC is 2020 – she job shares with another nurse at the Siemen’s site in Tarrytown, NY.

Here is Gail’s story:
Just a summary of my history.
I graduated from college with a psychology degree and a minor in biology.
I had three children very quickly…..
I worked at the New York telephone company for a short period and then stayed
home with the children.

When my youngest daughter was in kindergarten I went to Pace University for lunch with a friend. She asked the professor if I could sit in on microbiology class. He agreed and I loved being back in school. Before I knew it I was signed up in the nursing program. They accepted some of my credits and I did course by course and studied with my own kids. Before I knew it I graduated and then took the NYS exam and passed!

I worked 10 years part time in med/surgery at a local hospital and then a friend told me they were looking for several nurses at IBM. I could not believe that I got the job at the headquarters where the chairman and all the higher ups were. It was very interesting and a great learning experience. I loved it for 10 years and then everything changed and IBM wanted me to go to Raleigh, NC. I did not take position.

I then found out that a friend was leaving a nurse manager position at Ciba-Geigy. I was then hired for that position. That position lasted for about 10 years.
Since then I have been per diem for about 10 years and now luckily joined up with Nancy Clover’s
company. I like Occupational Health because I think it is a very good way to educate employees and put them at ease.
I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by but I have enjoyed each aspect of my career.
I always tell friends how important networking is.