A great shot…of our flu shot team!


Another hard working team of OHC nurses doing flu shots. Thanks Alison O'Neil, Zoe Stern and Stephanie Grant for always helping out!

A great shot…of our flu shot team!2021-11-03T05:08:38+00:00

OHC was RN Kellie White’s first nursing job!


OHC was Kellie White RN first nursing job!!!! It gives me great pleasure to introduce Occupational Health Nursing to a new generation of nurses! Here is Kellie’s story: Hello everyone! My name is Kellie and I have been a nurse for about a year now! I was not one of those people who always knew they wanted to be a nurse. For the longest time I thought I wanted to be a physical therapist. I went to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science in 2017. After that I pursued what I thought was my dream profession and attended [...]

OHC was RN Kellie White’s first nursing job!2021-11-03T05:04:00+00:00

Meet OHC Nurse Chrisanthe Coufos!


Chrisanthe Coufos RN started with OHC in March of 2021 picking up per diem.  Here is her story:  I went to nursing school because I got inspired from my health science teachers in high school, they made me want to become a nurse!   I love working in psychiatrics nursing and am studying to become a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.   However, I do enjoy the variety and flexibility that Occ health has to offer! It also provides different learning opportunities and the ability to network with different groups of people.   We are happy that Chrisanthe has joined or team.  

Meet OHC Nurse Chrisanthe Coufos!2021-10-26T00:59:30+00:00

OHC Mentorship at the Flu Clinics!


This is a wonderful picture of mentorship. Maria Karamourtopoulos RN's first job at OHC is doing flu shots with OHC long time employee Sheila Wilson. I think they both had a wonderful day!!! 

OHC Mentorship at the Flu Clinics!2021-10-26T00:43:48+00:00

OHC Nurses Take On Flu Season


Our fabulous OHC nurses helping at the Dana Farber flu clinic in Boston, MA: Richard Fontaine, Sandy Guilfoyle, Colleen Cudgma, Judy Wu, Kim Juric, Vickie Chipman  

OHC Nurses Take On Flu Season2021-10-18T23:50:17+00:00

Remembering Vivian Hislop


With a heavy heart, I am sorry to announce the passing of Vivian Hislop. Vivian was a 20 year employee of OHC, she retired in December of 2020 and passed away on September 21, 2021. She was the Occupational Health Nurse at Analog in Wilmington from 1982 until she joined OHC in 2001. She helped educated many nurses as an instructor at Beverly Hospital School of Nursing. She was the past president of Mass Occupational Health Nurses Association. Vivian always saw the bright side of life and will be missed. Vivian B. Hislop, 89, passed away Tuesday, September 21, 2021 in her home, in Wenham; where [...]

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The Stevenson’s Mother – Daughter Team!


OHC is delighted to add another Mother - Daughter Team! Maeve Stevenson, a student at Simmons College, will be helping Boston Scientific with a project. Her Mom, Kathleen, has worked with OHC for years – her latest assignment was Covid screening for J& G Foods. I have watched Maeve grow up and am very excited she has decided to join our team!

The Stevenson’s Mother – Daughter Team!2021-09-27T22:00:31+00:00

Students, Santa and Occupational Health!


Nancy, CEO/Founder of OHC, had an amazing opportunity to present to 74 high school students across the county Zoom to discuss Occupational Health Nursing and how to keep themselves safe as they enter the work force. She was able to co-present with a student who will be a freshman in nursing school this year, Olivia Morrison. She was fantastic!

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Nurse Highlight: Amanda Hazeltine


Amanda Hazeltine joined OHC last November and has been doing covid screenings at a construction site and biotech company. Here is Amanda’s story: 'I was inspired to pursue nursing as a second career after I saw the wonderful nursing and healthcare my mother received during her battle with cancer. After graduation, one of my nursing school friends suggested that I look into Occupational Health Connections, which has turned into a wonderful opportunity to help public health efforts during this pandemic to screen for COVID-19. I enjoy the flexibility and variety of positions available through OHC that work for my busy schedule, [...]

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Welcome to OHC, Michael Daniell!


Welcome Michael Daniell RN to OHC. His first assignment is doing Covid Testing in Lynn, MA at the same site of a carnival. Never boring at OHC! Here is his story. I used to work in the financial services sectors in alternative investments with hedge funds and was a licensed security broker. After several years of doing that I needed to switch into a profession with more heart and a warmer environment. Both of my parents are RNs so after talking with them and shadowing a few nurses I decided to enroll at UMass. I joined OHC because of the wonderful [...]

Welcome to OHC, Michael Daniell!2021-08-08T19:20:19+00:00
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