Check the Air Quality Index


Be air aware: Check the Air Quality Index (AQI) at and adjust your outdoor activities to reduce your exposure to harmful air pollutants. Enjoy the outdoors when the air is healthy. Stay inside as much as possible when it's not.

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Protect yourself from smoke!


When wildfires create smoky conditions it’s important for everyone to reduce their exposure to smoke. Wildfire smoke irritates your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It can make it hard to breathe and make you cough or wheeze. Children and people with asthma, COPD, heart disease, or who are pregnant need to be especially careful about breathing wildfire smoke. Keep smoke outside. Choose a room you can close off from outside air. Set up a portable air cleaner or a filter to keep the air in this room clean even when it’s smoky in the rest of the building and outdoors. If [...]

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Reducing Sharps Injury Risk


New research published in Nursing2023 reveals crucial insights on reducing SI risk. Check out the groundbreaking paper on Lovenox, examining device malfunctions and incidence rates.   Lovenox enoxaparin - N2023 Jun

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Roses are red, Violets are blue, OHC loves nurses, Yes we do. We love each one, The great and the small, But our long-time nurses, We love most of all.     OHC loves our long-time employees! In OHC’s 23 years, we have had many amazing nurses come and go – and many come back! Here are OHC’s most treasured long-time employees. These amazing nurses have worked for OHC for many years and on many different assignments. We are so lucky to have them on our team.   (Poem by our own Rachel!)

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Showing ALL Occupational Health Nurses some Love in 2023!


We are inviting you and all Occupational Health Nurses colleagues to the join Northeast Association of Occupational Health Nurses and one of the 10 NEAOHN States for FREE! Yes – that is correct, NO CHARGE if you live or work in our region! This is a limited time offer that runs until May 12, 2023 (Florence Nightingale's birthday - the original Occ Health Nurses because she cared for soldiers during the Crimean War). You MUST live or be employed in one of these states: Connecticut Delaware Maine Massachusetts New Hampshire New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont To access this [...]

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Couple of the Year


Paul and I were proud to accept two awards at the 2023 Bread & Roses Community Appreciation Night. We received the Couple of the Year Award and OHC received a Partner Appreciation Award. We love working with Bread and Roses, a soup kitchen in Lawrence, MA!

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Join the Committee on the History of the MA NP


MCNP Launching Committee on the History of the Massachusetts Nurse Practitioner Posted on 1/14/2023 Capturing and Preserving our NP History When the First Massachusetts NP program began some 55 years ago in 1968, the future of the role was far from clear. The history and path that NPs have tread in order to reach our current level of practice is essential to record and celebrate. The Preservation of our history is underway with the establishment of a MCNP Committee on the History of the Massachusetts Nurse Practitioner. The Committee is currently focusing on the early years of NP education and practice [...]

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2022 Profile in Courage Award Winner- Nancy Clover!


Congratulations to our very own, Nancy Clover for receiving the 2022 Profile in Courage Award!   MaAOHN's write-up from their Facebook page: "Courage implies having the mental and moral strength to move though difficult times especially when facing the unknown. Resilience requires that through these challenges, you maintain control without wavering from your commitment. Creativity is marked by the power to create through deliberate or spontaneous thought. Professional Caring is a human behavior that includes cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and administrative skills. Nursing Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate nursing staff and other health care workers to work together to [...]

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Site Visits with Nicole


  We recently got a chance to visit some OHC companies! Here are some of the OHC nurses that Nicole was introduced to:   Carla Collins, NP at Sanofi Cmabridge   Jane Kelly, RN at Bristol Myer's Squibb   Nurses Jill Blake & Nadia Tikhomirova at Sanofi in Cambridge   Thanks to all for having us, it was wonderful getting to visit!  

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National Nurse Practitioner Week


  This week is National Nurse Practitioner Week! We appreciate and celebrate the important role of nurse practitioners in Occupational Health.

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