Students, Santa and Occupational Health!


Nancy, CEO/Founder of OHC, had an amazing opportunity to present to 74 high school students across the county Zoom to discuss Occupational Health Nursing and how to keep themselves safe as they enter the work force. She was able to co-present with a student who will be a freshman in nursing school this year, Olivia Morrison. She was fantastic!

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Nurse Highlight: Amanda Hazeltine


Amanda Hazeltine joined OHC last November and has been doing covid screenings at a construction site and biotech company. Here is Amanda’s story: 'I was inspired to pursue nursing as a second career after I saw the wonderful nursing and healthcare my mother received during her battle with cancer. After graduation, one of my nursing school friends suggested that I look into Occupational Health Connections, which has turned into a wonderful opportunity to help public health efforts during this pandemic to screen for COVID-19. I enjoy the flexibility and variety of positions available through OHC that work for my busy schedule, [...]

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Welcome to OHC, Michael Daniell!


Welcome Michael Daniell RN to OHC. His first assignment is doing Covid Testing in Lynn, MA at the same site of a carnival. Never boring at OHC! Here is his story. I used to work in the financial services sectors in alternative investments with hedge funds and was a licensed security broker. After several years of doing that I needed to switch into a profession with more heart and a warmer environment. Both of my parents are RNs so after talking with them and shadowing a few nurses I decided to enroll at UMass. I joined OHC because of the wonderful [...]

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Nurse Self Care with Sheila Wilson


Sheila Wilson, RN, works for OHC and she is also the President and CEO of Stop Healthcare Violence! She is featured on this wonderful video on the importance of self-care for nurses, Thanks Sheila for always caring about the nurses!

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Update for APRNs: Submitting Attestations for Independent Practice Authority


The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Drug Control Program has updated the Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) website so that Nurse Practitioners who are eligible for independent practice authority may NOW submit an attestation that they have satisfied the required 2 years of supervised practice and amend their MCSR to remove their supervising physician(s). Pending any processes that may be implemented by the Board of Registration in Nursing, this is the only way to do this at this time. Per section  244 CMR 4.07(2)(a) of the Emergency APRN regulations that remain in effect until final Full Practice regulations are promulgated, CRNAs, CNPs or PNMHCSs [...]

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Polly Baylies, Occupational Health Nurse


Polly Baylies has been an occupational health nurse for a long time and we are delighted she joined our team a few years ago. Here is Polly’s story: I have always loved people. I especially loved babies and small children; I also loved the elderly. As a small child I used to go visit all the old ladies on the road for cookies and tea. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear those conversations! I went to Lesley University and was a child psychology and human services major. When I was a junior, [...]

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Esther Tan joined OHC last November


Esther Tan joined OHC last November to help keep workers safe during the covid crisis.Here is her story:Nursing School: I had always been drawn to the healthcare profession, so it is no wonder I ended up in one. After graduating from undergraduate, I pursued my master’s in clinical counseling and practiced crisis counseling and family therapy. I had noticed the false dichotomy between mental health and physical health and felt a need to serve both. I started my Family Nurse Practitioner program at Boston College and soon joined OHC right after obtaining my RN license.Occupational Health: Going to nursing school [...]

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Kim Clark-Connor joined OHC last September


Kim Clark-Connor joined OHC last September to start a new occupational health clinic at Boston Scientific in Quincy, MA. Here is her story: I was a pre-med student, started hearing stories of other pre-med students who were paying hundreds of dollars on application fees and flights around the country for interviews, said no can do and changed my major to nursing. As an RN, I began in a hospital and gained experience working Med-Surg/Tele/Pedi/ICU/ED, then after an offer to teach at the college level I added an instructor of A&P and Nutrition. My experience in OH began with the [...]

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Vickie Puopolo Chipman, RN joined OHC 8 months ago!


Vickie Puopolo Chipman RN started with OHC last November and quickly became an integral part of the team.  She has been working at Moderna, Insulet, and Pfizer. Her daughter, Ari, an EMT, joined us a few months later. Here is Vickie’s story: I’m not one to write about myself but here is my journey to nursing. I never wanted to be a nurse, secretary, or teacher, the jobs that were specific for women; I wanted to be an artist. Back in the day parents had a lot of influence as to what field you chose and a “starving artist” was not [...]

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Robin Busiek,RN – Airbnb to OHC!


Robin Busiek RN joined us at the height of the pandemic and has been invaluable with doing covid screenings and as part of the nurse response team for Moderna.  She is currently helping to set up an occ health clinic for Moderna in Cambridge. Here is Robin’s story: I graduated from Boston University School of Nursing 1986. I worked mostly oncology over the years, which I loved. It was a mercy job. Ultimately the only thing you had for the patient population I worked with was yourself. There were no miracle cures, (we tried) but very few people went home. We  learned to [...]

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