Outbreak: A Student Public Health Experience


Last Friday, Nancy had the pleasure of presenting to high school students during Outbreak 2022. There were 54 students from across the country and 2 international students. Nancy co-presented with two amazing women. They were students last year for Outbreak and volunteered to be peer mentors this year. They will be starting nursing school in the fall. Maison Nguyen and Isabella Clark did an amazing job! Maison presented “If there was an occ health nurse at the North Pole” and Isabella on Safety at Work for Teens. Nancy was very proud to present with them and wish them the best in [...]

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Stop Healthcare Violence Podcast


OHC's nurse Sheila Wilson's Podcast: Stop Healthcare Violence.  Sheila Wilson’s guest is Meredith Addison. She worked in the Emergency Room for 44 years and now is doing occupational medicine. Meredith and Sheila spoke about how she got involved in so many volunteer jobs Like volunteer philanthropist, volunteer board of directors, and volunteer member of Emergency Nurse. Meredith speaks freely about paying things forward and helping others when they are in need. They spoke about the patients in the Emergency room setting and the fear that they could be going through. We never know what some patients are going through or have [...]

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Congratulations Sydney & Maria!


OHC employees, Sydney Knoll & Maria Danna, are students at the U Mass TH Chan School of Medicine don their white coats for the first time. The white coat ceremony is a milestone for students studying to become advanced practice nurses. Congratulations Sydney & Maria! We know you are going to make great NPs!

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Florence Nightingale Collectors Doll


Nurse's Week is May 6-12. I thought I would share some of my nursing collection. This is a Florence Nightingale doll with a copy of the book Florence wrote about nursing. I feel that Flo was the original occupational health nurse because she cared for workers - soldiers in the Crimean War.

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Welcome Rachel to the OHC Team!


Join us in welcoming Rachel Stotz to the OHC Operations Team. She will be working to support Nancy, Paul and Nicole in multiple ways – including billing, payroll, auditing, website maintenance and OHC social media presence. Rachel has worked for many years as a librarian and brings her organizational skills to the table. She will help Nicole to update some of our forms and processes. You will start to see her name or hear from her and we are very excited to have her join our team. Rachel enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, and all things Dolly Parton. She lives in Austin, [...]

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A great shot…of our flu shot team!


Another hard working team of OHC nurses doing flu shots. Thanks Alison O'Neil, Zoe Stern and Stephanie Grant for always helping out!

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