Congratulations to our very own, Nancy Clover for receiving the 2022 Profile in Courage Award!


MaAOHN’s write-up from their Facebook page:

“Courage implies having the mental and moral strength to move though difficult times especially when facing the unknown.
Resilience requires that through these challenges, you maintain control without wavering from your commitment.
Creativity is marked by the power to create through deliberate or spontaneous thought.
Professional Caring is a human behavior that includes cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and administrative skills.
Nursing Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate nursing staff and other health care workers to work together to achieve their highest potential and collective organization goals.
Receiving a phone call late one Sunday night in 2019, Nancy was asked if she could help provide employee COVID testing and develop protocols for a local company that was working on a pandemic project. It was imperative to the world that those workers remain healthy and continue to work.
Without a playbook and after hours of scouring the CDC website, a plan began to form. Most of her discussions took place during late nights and weekends. These protocols that she helped to develop were later used by the CDC as a template to provide guidance to all workplaces to keep the country open during this critical time.
As these guidelines were being formalized, Nancy shifted gears to uncover staffing resources during a nursing shortage and at a time when nurses were at a premium. Through her previous volunteer work at nursing schools, and her wide network of allied health professionals, she hired and trained workers to test, enter data, contact trace, and to keep themselves safe.
When our local resources were exhausted, she developed a remote work force to support the needs of over 40 companies. When at last the time came, Nancy’s nurses were among the first coordinating clinics and delivering COVID vaccines to our Massachusetts workforce.
During this time, Nancy introduced Occupational Health to over 100 nurses, students, and allied professionals that had not had prior experience in our field and then teamed them up with occupational health nurses.
Those who know Nancy have witnessed her drive and passion for occupational health nursing. This rang true as through this all, she remained accessible to her students, nurses, clients, and professional organizations whenever they needed her regardless of what time-zone they lived in.
Nancy, in addition to the traits already listed, you embody the best of what nurses aspire to be and your most treasured traits are your generosity of heart and ability to bring people together and make them feel like family. If Nancy is around, there is never a person sitting alone nearby – they are invited to her table and soon will learn about occupational health!
Nancy, it was your idea to honor the MaAOHN members with this award in 2020 during the pandemic for surviving and excelling during that time. Today, we are honored to recognize your amazing contribution to occupational health nursing, to our state, country, and the world.”