MCNP Launching Committee on the History of the Massachusetts Nurse Practitioner
Posted on 1/14/2023
Capturing and Preserving our NP History
When the First Massachusetts NP program began some 55 years ago in 1968, the future of the role was far from clear. The history and path that NPs have tread in order to reach our current level of practice is essential to record and celebrate. The Preservation of our history is underway with the establishment of a MCNP Committee on the History of the Massachusetts Nurse Practitioner. The Committee is currently focusing on the early years of NP education and practice (1968 to 1980).
We invite the membership to participate by:
  • Volunteering to become a member of the committee
  • Volunteering to interview NPs or supporters in an oral history format*
  • Sharing your memories of this time period as an NP through an oral history interview
  • Identifying artifacts such as news articles, curriculum related to this period of early NP education and practice
If you are interested in supporting this work or joining the committee, CLICK HERE: