Shauna Arapoff RN

Shauna Arapoff RN celebrated her 1 year anniversary with OHC in March.

Shauna brought lots of experience with her and really stepped up to assist Siemens at the beginning of the pandemic.
Shauna is thoughtful and caring and it is a pleasure working with her!

Here is Shauna’s story:

My Nursing career started while working at Tufts Medical Center as a Nurse Technician. It was there I realized a career in Nursing was worth pursing, because it incorporated travel, purpose, and so, so many nursing possibilities. I was accepted into MGH Institute of Health Professions, fast track BSN program, and never looked back.
After graduating I wanted to Travel. My first nursing job as a new grad was in South Carolina in a level 2 ED. After working for a year in the ED, I signed up with a travel nurse company and was off working in various ED setting over the next 5 years. And loved it!!! Meeting new people, exploring new places and working in different setting was so exciting.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, I was at the end of a contact in a UC at Harvard University and decided to switch gears into OCH. Joining Nancy’s team was a great fit because it gave me the opportunity to expand my Nursing skills and have autonomy in my nursing practice.

My first job in OCH was worked at Siemens Healthineers in Walpole. I acted as the primary on site nurse. I was able to keep the clinic open for employee medical needs, assisted in covid planning and managed temperature screeners. I also had the chance to work Flu clinics at BWH and Dana-Farber for a few months. Currently, I am working with BWH OCH Covid Team performing employee contact tracing.

The best part of working in the field of nursing is there are so many opportunities. If I had one piece of advice for new grads, it is to take a leap, learn, be a team player and just do it! Also give yourself a little grace and take a chance to find what makes you happy.