Kim Juric RN

Kim Juric RN joined OHC about a year ago.

She came at a perfect time as we were super busy, and she brought her expertise and a couple of friends to the OHC team!

In her relatively short tenure, she has worked at multiple sites doing flu shots and covid vaccines, covid screenings and covid tracing including Insulet, Moderna, B&W, and BI Plymouth.  She brings great energy and ideas, and we are honored she chose to join OHC’s team!

Here is Kim’s story:

To avoid extinction, you have to be able to change.  That is the beauty of the nursing profession, there is always an opportunity for growth and change if want it.  I began my nursing career in pediatrics.  I was based in TX, MA, CO and back to MA.  I worked in the tertiary care, long term care and primary care settings.

Then change really hit and I had kids of my own.  I opted to stay home and raise two boys, fast forward 18 years and time to change again.

An opportunity in corporate health opened up and I became involved in the adult side of wellness, health coaching, flu clinics…Then a pandemic and the changes it forced upon us.  Now I find myself still on the adult side of wellness but within the Occupational Health setting.  I have loved the flexibility, challenges, and connections the nursing profession has provided me.

Who knows where I’ll be five years from now but I know for sure I won’t be extinct.