Ellen Dobson is celebrating 20 years at Occ Health Connections!

Ellen’s journey:

The years, how fast they have gone by. Looking back over my nursing career, I see myself as a new grad from U.Mass Boston in 1986; floor nursing, supervisor, home health, employee health/infection control. I found I like working with people instead of bacteria/viruses and thus pursued employee health/ occupational health. A chance phone call from Nancy Clover at a manufacturing health services dept. I was covering lead me to my dream job!
Nancy Clover had just started her company Occupational Health Connections several months before I started working for her and I have been working for her since! On 2/27/21, my 20year mile marker was achieved. Throughout these years, the jobs I have worked for Nancy have been diverse; the MBTA medical clinic, Federal Occ Health at the JFK Bldg./Federal Courthouse, health clinics in manufacturing settings, flu shots at MGH/ Lahey Clinic, Holy Family Hosp. employee health dept., Executive Medical Office and so many more. I have worked the days and hours I wanted, no weekends, no holidays. One job, so many opportunities for growth with a manager who is always there, always supportive. Looking to the future, my hope is to continue this journey of nursing fellowship and service and be an example for those who follow behind.

Nancy writes:

Ellen is a dream employee, flexible, skillful and a great communicator. She approaches every job with enthusiasm and her smile and friendly disposition lights up a room. She leaves every assignment better than when she came. Many of us have welcomed plants from Ellen’s amazing garden into our own gardens. She is always willing to share.
Ellen lives with her amazing husband, Kenny and we have watched her son grow into a man. We have met her sister a poet virtually and share in the loss of her dear mother. Paul & I have lived vicariously through her many amazing vacation adventures!
Ellen – it has been an amazing journey and hope to share it for a long time to come!