OHC is delighted to welcome our newest office team member, Kirsten McGurn!

Kirsten is working part time and assists the team with creating new systems with the intention of growing the company.
She creates and post new & open jobs on our various social media sites, as well as create the graphics that go along with the jobs.
Kirsten supports OHC with general organization, mostly with hiring-related documents of new OHC employees.

Kirsten lives in Austin, TX with her dog, Bronson.
She brings a variety skills and insight to the team after working many years and positions in the service industry, including in upper management.

When she is not assisting with OCC Health Connections operations, she keeps busy with running a budding permanent makeup business. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors near any natural body of water, slow walks with her dog, and pole dancing.

Watching Kirsten doing pole dancing is fascinating. Check out a compilation of her work with the pole. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Nx31RkpDY7uj7vUJA