OHC’s nurse
Sheila Wilson’s guest is Meredith Addison. She worked in the Emergency Room for 44 years and now is doing occupational medicine. Meredith and Sheila spoke about how she got involved in so many volunteer jobs Like volunteer philanthropist, volunteer board of directors, and volunteer member of Emergency Nurse. Meredith speaks freely about paying things forward and helping others when they are in need.
They spoke about the patients in the Emergency room setting and the fear that they could be going through. We never know what some patients are going through or have gone through and a little kindness, A little assurance maybe even holding their hand for a moment will help them get through this hospital visit.
Meredith has a very special saying by Helen Keller that means a lot to her. “Alone can do little, together we can do much.”
Providing the Audio interview with Sheila and Meredith on how we can make a difference in someone’s life: Click to listen.
For further information visit the website of Stop Healthcare Violence.