“It’s the greatest feeling… I can’t describe it.”

Our good pals Paul and Nancy Clover share a little about what they love about volunteering at Bread & Roses in this video!

Paul and Nancy Clover have been involved with Bread & Roses for over 20 years.
Nancy grew up in Lawrence on welfare and food stamps. She went to nursing school on a Pell Grant. The Clover’s are committed to giving back.
Nancy organizes the shopping & cooking of our biannual meals, filling back packs with school supplies and establishing medical clinic complete with medical supplies.

Paul does the cooking and heavy lifting – literally, he is often seen bringing in food, books, clothes, medical supplies and anything else B&R needs.
Our commitment is a family affair with our children, Teri and Joey as well as my sister-in-law, Kathleen and her children, Megan & Aaron as well as many nurses and friends.

We all receive so much joy from being able to help others and are proud to give back to our community.