Please read Julia Tom’s wonderful nursing story: 





Hello everyone, my name is Julia Tom, and I am a newer nurse with Occupational Health Connections. I couldn’t be more excited to work alongside all of you! I’m originally from California but have been in Boston for a collective 8 years. I’ve loved exploring the city and staying active. I enjoy trying new recipes, workout classes, and hosting dinner parties with friends in my spare time!  

I am the first person in my family to enter the healthcare field, despite my parents saying they qualify by keeping a few boxes of band aids and Neosporin in the bathroom cabinet. I embarked on my nursing career with only my idealized notions of what caring for others would be and entirely unsure of what exactly I was getting myself into. However, I found that with each clinical hour and time spent learning about the nursing field, I could not have been more rewarded and honored to have taken a leap of faith that led me to becoming a registered nurse. Each moment with my patients is an opportunity to learn more and guide someone through the intense and unpredictable side of the human experience.  

I originally started out my nursing career working briefly as a tech in the emergency department while in school and have jumped around from geriatric psychiatry to acute inpatient brain injury rehabilitation. I currently work in the inpatient psychiatric setting and found myself at OHC after various recommendations from coworkers and peers. OHC has offered me the opportunity to understand and discover a vital part of the working community and be a part of crucial public health initiatives.  

I have learned throughout my nursing career to never shy away from new opportunities. There are endless fields, specialties, and duties nurses can partake in and each one is a new opportunity to fall in love with something new.