NurseDeck Magazine Influencer Spotlight is proud to bring you:
Francis Sabas.
Francis also works part time for OHC.
“As far as my career aspirations, I hope to become a cardiothoracic surgery first assist NP – I was just admitted to the surgical first assist residency at UMass Medical School and I’ll be doing my residency this year. I’m starting the didactic portion next week and proceeding to the preceptorship next spring, and after that I’ll be returning back to my DNP study.
To go on that surgical track you have to get the RNFA – or Registered Nurse First Assist – certificate. You can be a first assist as a nurse, but my goal is to be a first assist as an advanced practice provider, so you typically go through a one-year program. The national organization NIFA offers that to students, but I chose to do it through my school because it was convenient. UMass Medical School is actually the only school in Massachusetts that offers the program. “
Thank you, Francis, for your time, and spreading awareness, and caring for our fantastic workforce.