Arline Waecker RN

Arline Waecker RN, COHN, CCM joined OHC last June.

She has been working on a construction site in Maine. All the construction workers love her!

This is Arline’s story:

I had just gotten a divorce in the late 1970’s. I had to do something so I went to nursing school. It was not easy because I worked and had 7 year old. My work let me go to classes and they paid for most of my classes. I had several months to go when after 6 years I was laid off. I also let a woman from Africa live with me so that she could go to nursing school. I did not give up, I took out a loan. I would study with several Nurses and we allowed us to go dancing once a month. I made it through nursing school as did Mary.

I got a job right away at Maine Medical Center on the cardiac flooring. I worked for over three years. I worked in several industries and when I got to GTE I had started studying for my COHN. GTE paid for me to take the exam. I am so glad that I went for my COHN. I cannot begin to tell you all of the things I have learned. I now know about chemicals, gases, Blood Boure Pathgens, how to treat accidents and much more. GTE had laid off half of their people. I was offered part time, this was not enough so left for MEMIC for 19 years I was able to use my knowledge in Case Management. I got my CCM at this time and my CHOC.

I am now retired and thanks to Nancy Clover I am working on a construction job and love it but like all good things the job will be completed. Hopefully I will be working as a COVID 19 vaccine Nurse.

I am so very thankful to be a COHN. I have a daughter who is a Occ Health Nurse and my youngest daughter is a Family Physician. I would advise any future Nurses that if you want something bad enough and work hard you achieve anything.

For fun I like Horseback riding, traveling, hiking, reading and through the COVID 19 I have picked up knitting. This has been my wonderful life.
Arline Waecker