April Halloran RN

April Halloran RN joined OHC a year ago.

She has done a variety of assignments from covid testing for a cruise ship crew, multiple construction sites, flu and covid vaccines.
April is flexible, efficient and askes all the right questions. We are very happy to have April as part of our team.

Here is April’s story:

I graduated with my BSN in nursing from UMass Boston in 2018. I have a passion for health and well being and have had many amazing and interesting opportunities to share that passion as a nurse across the Boston area. I’ve worked with wound care at Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge, as well as burn care and plastic reconstruction at Massachusetts General Hospital and critical care at Boston Medical Center.
I started my occupational health journey in 2020 when life was trying to resume after the initial spike in Covid cases. A colleague recommended OHC as a great resource for community nursing opportunities, and though Nancy, I joined the construction crews in the Boston area taking temperatures to help people stay safe at work.
Outside of work, I love trying new restaurants and hiking.
My advice for the next generation of nurses is to try new hobbies! A healthy work-life balance is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.