Esther Tan -- Occupational Health Connections

Esther Tan joined OHC last November to help keep workers safe during the covid crisis.

Here is her story:

Nursing School: I had always been drawn to the healthcare profession, so it is no wonder I ended up in one. After graduating from undergraduate, I pursued my master’s in clinical counseling and practiced crisis counseling and family therapy. I had noticed the false dichotomy between mental health and physical health and felt a need to serve both. I started my Family Nurse Practitioner program at Boston College and soon joined OHC right after obtaining my RN license.

Occupational Health: Going to nursing school in the middle of a global pandemic was challenging yet provided many new opportunities. The need for nurses was ever so present, and I jumped at the opportunity to serve as a nurse through occupational health. The pandemic has shown the importance of nursing care in occupational health as well as the need for vaccinations. OHC was an amazing company that was highly recommended by Boston College alums who also worked at OHC.

I did shifts for Hubspot and Amgen temperature screenings, signed up for training in contact tracing, and shifts with covid vaccine clinics. Working for OHC helped me expand my nursing experience outside of hospitals and clinics, and I cannot be happier to be in the nursing profession. As I start my new job as a Family Nurse Practitioner in July 2021, I hope to continue to work in occupational health.

Advice: Never be afraid to ask questions and be eager to look for learning opportunities.
Growing into a nurse is a lifelong process!

Fun: I love to find new state parts and hiking trails in the New England area, exploring different restaurants and checking out coffee shops.