Sydney Knoll RN joined OHC in 2020

Sydney Knoll RN joined OHC in 2020 and immediately became an important member of our team.

She has helped with covid screenings and testing at Insulet and Holy Cross but her primary role for us is part of the Nurse Response Team for Moderna.

Why you went to nursing school?

I always knew I wanted to work in the medical field but was unsure which route to go. While I was in college studying biology, I was, I was able to shadow nurses and nurse practitioners through my part time job as a medical scribe. During that period, I was able to witness the patient-centered care nurses delivered to their patients along with the genuine concerns they had for their patients’ well-being. Their dedication to their job and patients inspired me to enter the nursing field as a second degrees. I am currently in a direct entry nurse practitioner program at UMass Medical Graduate School of Nursing, and I have completed my first year which was the RN portion of the program.

Your jobs?

At Occupational Health Connections, I work as a nurse doing covid contract tracing at Moderna and as a covid testing supervisor at Holy Cross. I also work at Edward M. Kennedy Community Health center as a community health nurse.
How you ended up at OHC? A classmate of mine recommended this company to me

What is your job at OHC like?

It’s always interesting and the people at every site are always very nice. The days can vary. Sometimes it is slow, and I can catch up on outside work and other days it is busy which makes the day go by fast. One of my jobs is working from home which I love, as it gives me an opportunity to be around my family more, saves me money on gas and most importantly, allows me to sleep in longer as I do not need to set aside time for the commute! OHC has provided me with the opportunity to explore a side of nursing that I did not know existed. Occupational health nursing is now more than ever important as we are all in a middle of a pandemic trying to get back to normalcy. The employees at these sites risk their health by going into work, and it is our job to make sure we can provide the safest environment for them while being a resource to answer health questions and concerns.

Any advice for the next generation of nurses?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

What do you do for fun! I love staying active by going on hikes, going to the gym and taking walks with my family. I also enjoy eating out and shopping, and I am hoping I can do more of this now that covid cases are down trending.