Susan Foley RN, BSN

Susan Foley RN, BSN is another nurse who return to OHC.

She first started working for us back in 2010 for a few years and returned in 2020 and we were happy to welcome her back. She has been working for us at Amgen, WPI and Holy Cross.

Here is Sue’s story:

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a nurse. Do I think it had anything to do with the fact that my mom named me after one of her favorite books, “Sue Barton Student Nurse” (a book in a series by Helen Dore Boylston). If you look it up, the picture on cover is a near replica of our nursing school uniform! (Nancy’s note – I have a couple of Sue Barton books and the MGH uniform was almost the same except we had black & white checks under the white apron!)

I graduated from City Hospital School of Nursing in Worcester Massachusetts. There was nothing we were not prepared to do once we graduated! We could float in those days to any floor and be prepared! It was nothing to run down the back stairs to help assist when you heard a code being called! Team Nursing involved the whole hospital! The Nursing Students all but ran the hospital during the massive blizzard of 1978. I just aged myself 🙂. We were able to get to hospital from our dorm via an underground tunnel when so many nurses were not able to reach the hospital.
My first love was Orthopedics/Trauma and that was my first assignment 3-11. We had 30 something patients with usually 2 RNs, LPN and an aide.

I soon transferred to the brand-new hospital, Umass Medical Center and Medical School. Here I was introduced to the new “Primary Nursing” Model. It was wonderful! But most of us came from the Team Nursing Model so we always worked as a team. but there was no running down the back stairs to help your classmates anymore and that was sad and a big change.
Soon I had my first patient with HIV/Aids. No one really understood what is was. How fast we came up to speed. I will never forget her.

I got married, had 3 children all the while taking a course here and there towards my BSN. It took me many, many years but I did it! I graduated from Worcester State University. My mom, who decided to go back to school for her bachelor’s degree, graduated with me on the same day! It was a very special occasion!

I have worn many RN caps in my long career. Speaking of Caps I do miss them!!! I have worked at City Hospital, Umass Med Center and UMass Medical School, I was there when it merged to become UmassMemorial. I also Worked for Reliant and when it was called Fallon; Notre Dame Hospice; Holy Cross College and the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction. I have been back at UmassMemorial for last several years and work Per Diem for Nancy Clover at OHC!

Working for OHC has been a great experience and I have had the opportunity to work at different locations and have met wonderful people.
I have no plans to completely retire yet. Nursing has changed in so many amazing ways since I became a RN. But the one thing that has not changed is the reason why I chose to be a nurse. My advice to those of you just starting your Nursing journey is when you have those tough and difficult days always remember why you wanted to be a nurse and to treat others like you would want your loved ones treated, no matter how difficult that can be at times.

I love working with new generations of nurses! It makes me happy and proud that our Profession is in wonderful hands! ❤️