Sarah Carvell RN - Nursing Stories

Sarah Carvell RN joined us in 2020 to help with testing and screening for Covid.

This photo is of her at Holy Cross University in Worcester where she helps with covid testing for the students and faculty. Thanks Sarah for keeping the University safe.

Here is Sarah’s story:

I was a Junior at Wheaton College (Norton, MA) and had taken a physiology course, which made me realize how incredible the human body was. It was that class and my love of connecting with people that drove me to pursue nursing. I completed all of my prerequisites at Wheaton, so the following winter I could start the 16-month accelerated BSN program offered through Northeastern. It was one of the hardest things that I had completed, but it was the best I had ever done in school.

Your jobs?
I first started at the Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI on a colorectal measure floor, working there almost a full year before leaving to work somewhere closer to home and where I did not have to work nights! I remained at the Miriam per diem while I started full time at South Shore Medical Center in Norwell, MA, which was an out-patient primary/urgent care doctor’s office. I worked there for 2 years before moving to Worcester and starting at UMass Memorial Medical Center on a med-surg floor, where I continue to work today.

How you ended up at OHC?
The job had been recommended to me through another co-worker at UMass who loved working for Nancy. I thought I could use a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of the hospital and a second job to make a little extra money, so I applied.
I love working at OHC. I work for three different sites via OHC all allowing me to help out various companies navigate this time through covid. It has been such a pleasure working for the company and the hours/shifts very flexible. I have even referred other nurses to apply, all of which are currently now working for OHC and enjoying it.

Any advice for the next generation of nurses?
It gets better! Do not let the first year of nursing scare you away. The learning curve is high for new nurses-just hang in there and ask for help when you need it!!

What you do for fun!
When I’m not working either of my jobs (which is rare) I love to hang out with my dog Millie and my fiancé (I’m finally getting married in June!), exercising, cooking and being outside when the weather is nice!