Rakel Tavitian RN is on her first assignment for OHC

Rakel Tavitian RN is on her first assignment for OHC.

She joined our team on a recommendation from another OHC nurse while she completes her NP schooling. We are happy to welcome Rakel to the OHC team!!!

Here is Rakel’s story:

I got a job 6 years ago at a nursing home to get my foot in the door in the healthcare field. Going into college, I thought wanted to be a pharmacist. I became a biology major. Eventually, I got a job as a pharmacy technician trainee while I was working as a nurse’s aide in the nursing home. I realized in comparison to the CNA job, the pharmacy was not for me.
From there I decided that I wanted to go down the nursing route and care for patients directly at the bedside. I had to finish my bachelor’s degree in biology because the nursing program was full, and I could not change my major. As soon as I graduated with my bachelor’s in biology, I applied for a second-degree nursing program at University of Massachusetts Worcester where I currently attend. I became a Registered Nurse in August of 2020 and I am graduating this August of 2021 with a master’s degree in nursing.
Things do not always go the way you planned, but I would not change a thing about how I became a nurse and all the experiences I have had. I currently work at a rehabilitation center and OHC. I really love that I get to work at the beside in the rehab while also having the opportunity to work out in the community through OHC. I found out about the OHC through friends at school and I am very happy they told me about such a great opportunity! Through OHC I have been performing Covid tests in the city of Lynn over the past few months. It has truly been a rewarding experience.
In my free time I love to cook and eat Armenian food!