Polly Baylies -- Occupational Health Connections

Polly Baylies has been an occupational health nurse for a long time and we are delighted she joined our team a few years ago.

Here is Polly’s story:

I have always loved people. I especially loved babies and small children; I also loved the elderly. As a small child I used to go visit all the old ladies on the road for cookies and tea. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear those conversations!

I went to Lesley University and was a child psychology and human services major. When I was a junior, I did my internship at Brigham and Woman’s– I was hoping to be a birthing support person because deep down I wanted to be a midwife.  I ended up in the day surgery unit doing secretarial work and talking with all the seasoned nurses. I loved the vibe, and the nurses were so welcoming and nice. That was when I decided to go into nursing.  I finished my BS degree from Lesley in 1983. For my graduation present I asked for a one-way ticket to Europe because I was in need of adventure and who knew where I would end up.  On July 4th, 1983, with a big backpack on my back off I headed, by myself, to see what life would bring.

I started my nursing degree in England in 1994. It was a great experience and they believed in throwing you in at the beginning of school. You had 8 weeks in school then off to the floor for 8 weeks of practical experience. Then 2 weeks school and 8 weeks work. It went on like that for 4 years—no summers off.  After 4 years I was a very seasoned nurse who had dealt with everything under the sun. Hands on care was the best nurses training for me. From nursing school I went to emergency room nursing, long term care facilities and cottage hospitals in Wales.  I loved being a nurse and living overseas. However, I did not like the damp and dark winters and low wages.

Fast forward to 1992—back in the USA.  It was nice to be back. I landed my first US job with Waltham VNA, met my husband (now ex) and had 2 great kids. I was school nurse sub, worked at urgent care and juggled all the needs of a growing family.

When I was single again, I started in Occupational Health in 2009 through Kelly Health services and was so glad to find this niche of nursing. I worked for Kelly then Take Care for 5 years at Intel Hudson, MA until they closed. Next job was with Premise health for 5 years at Raytheon Andover.  After the stress of that last job and family matters, I needed to come up for air. I took the summer off and then signed up with Nancy Clover for a chance to gain some experience in other industries and gain control of my schedule.

Thanks to Nancy I feel like I have finally gotten control of my work/ life balance. I started with OHC in August 2019.  I have been at Sanofi Framingham and now Bristol Myers Squibb Devens MA going on 2 years.  I love all the staff and enjoy learning. The Sanofi and BMS employees are always courteous and kind. There is always something new to learn and Nancy has many resources available to her staff if needed.

I am very glad to have work schedule flexibility and to experience Occupational Health in the pharmaceutical industry. Nancy is a very compassionate and patient boss. It is a joy to work for her and I feel very grateful for the chance to be where I am.

At this stage in the game, I could not ask for anything more!
Advice for the next generation: Always keep an open mind about your abilities, people, and common sense—They will take you where you need to go!

My hobbies are travel to distant shores –or no so distant these days, birdwatching where ever I am, going to the beach especially in the winter, swimming and camping.