Linda Lindell RN has been working with OHC for years

Linda Lindell RN has been working with OHC for years – most recently as a per diem nurse doing flu shots, covid vaccines, and covid screenings at multiple construction sites. Linda is so pleasant to work with and she makes beautiful greeting cards when she is not traveling with her family.

Here is Linda’s nursing story:
When I was a little girl I used to find injured Rabbits and Birds in our backyard and nurse them back to life- feeding with medicine droppers and place them in shoe boxes until they were ready to defend themselves in nature & take flight. I found this very rewarding. My parents would watch me & told me I would make a good Nurse.

After graduating from Lexington High School I started my journey to Boston and attended Northeastern University School of Nursing. It was quite an adventure taking classes on campus and studies @ Boston Hospitals for specialty courses. My Co-op was at Beth Isreal Hospital in Boston. Work-Study Program.13 weeks Study & 13 weeks Work. Quite intense & challenging.

My first job was @ Emerson hospital in Concord, Mass on Medical –Surgical Floor. We were like one large family. We all knew each other and had many parties & outside activities together- I was known as the World Traveler by our Director of Nursing. I did travel with nurse friends to Bermuda, Hawaii, Minnesota, and California & Disneyworld during our vacations.

After deciding to leave Emerson after 10 years I ventured out in the world and signed up with Agencies that gave me interesting assignment- Private duty cases (Hospital & Home).I was able to work Per Diem although some jobs were fulltime. I
started my first Occupational job at Prime Computer in Framingham covering for 2 weeks. Perdiem @ New England Life Insurance ,John Hancock Life Insurance, and was approached by Insurance agent to do Paramedical Insurance Exams @ my leisure. I did Exams for 14 years along with Perdiem Work. Went to beautiful homes & Businesses- Loved the job.

Times marched on & I wanted to work in an office –then Nancy Clover from Occupational Health Connections called me & offered me a fulltime job for Raytheon in Bedford, Mass – 5 miles from home- I accepted & was their OHN for 3 years as the building was sold to another investor. I worked at Burlington Raytheon per diem until building was demolished – Wayside Commons was built.

Nancy Clover again called me to see if I wanted a full-time job @ Army Corps of Engineers in Concord Mass & I accepted- One Nurse office for 14 years until I retired 2017.

Nancy has been a wonderful friend & support of our Nursing Profession. I joined AAOHN and was Treasurer for Greater Boston Chapter for many years- The Restaurant meetings and Presenters were inspiring.
I received the Nurse Excellent Award in 2012 and Audrey Braithwaite Award for Recognition and Appreciation for Leadership, Mentorship & Service for GBAOHN in 2016.
I am still employed with Occupational Health Connections- It has been enjoyable and hope to continue working as long as possible.
For those of you who are still working me recommend that you join AAOHN- It will open up new endeavors for your future.