LeighPoitevent, NP - Occupational Health Connections

Leigh Poitevent NP has worked for OHC off and on for the last couple of years. Her current assignment is converting her to a full time employee – Congratulations Leigh!

Here is Leigh’s story:

I always knew I wanted to be in the medical field- I come from a family of medical professionals both grandmothers and my own mother were nurses. I saw, first hand, that caring for people and populations is fulfilling and honorable work. I specifically was interested in caring for the older adult as I spent a lot of time with my great grandmother and grandmothers growing up and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and learning their/our history. I also was humbled to observe their appreciation for the small things in life that come back into view with age and experience. Furthermore, I wanted to serve my country and became attracted to the discipline and mission of the military. Those interests combined led me to join the Navy as a nurse through an ROTC scholarship while at nursing school.

My Jobs:

RN: U.S. Navy Nurse Corps- Med/Surg, ICU, Cardiac Cath lab
NP: Minute Clinic, Boston University Occupational Health Center (BUOHC), Research Occ Health Program (ROHP), BIDMC Occupational Health, Pentucket Medical Associates Riverwalk Internal Medicine, Pfizer in Andover Colleague Wellness
How ended up in occ health? Stumbled into it! Was working at Minute Clinic and wanted a change and entered Occ health through another contract company (based in Texas) and once I was in the Boston occ health network, learned about Nancy and her company. Through OHC I have worked at Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP) at Boston Medical Center and Pfizer at Andover MA
Lessons learned: occ health is a small world with nice fun people at the helm. I wish nursing schools would promote this unique nursing path. Always perform at your best- you never know…a contract position could turn into a long term position! Don’t lose sight of the overall goal- to keep a workforce healthy and working.

Advice for the next generation?

My Mother is also a nurse and she ALWAYS spoke very highly of her profession. I hope that the generation of nurses to come truly embrace nursing as a “profession”…this means that you share your work in a positive light, that you present yourself as a professional through appearance, actions, and words. That you recognize the hard work you have put in and remember that you have the ultimate responsibility – the care of another person. Nursing is absolutely a profession with which its own should feel immense pride and conduct themselves as true professionals!