Kitzia Colliard RN joined OHC this year while she is in school to get her NP.

Kitzia Colliard RN joined OHC this year while she is in school to get her NP.

Here is Kitzia’s story:

Why nursing school?: I have always known that I wanted to be involved in healthcare however, my path towards that goal changed. Throughout my life my original goal had always been to pursue a career as a medical doctor but it is not until my time as a research assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital that I witnessed the critical role that is nursing and I became convinced this is what I wanted to do. Throughout my education and clinical experiences I have come to realize that nursing is a role that requires transforming the human into the humane through compassion, empathy, and the ability to treat patients as a whole yet unique individuals each with distinct needs.

My Jobs: In addition to working for OHC, I am also a nurse practitioner student at Boston College.

How I ended up at OHC: One of my classmates in another cohort at school posted that OHC was looking for nurses. Many of my classmates and I applied and have been working per diem ever since.

What is my job at OHC like?

For OHC my jobs have mostly been related to the COVID pandemic these include temperature screenings and administering COVID Vaccines at different biotechnology companies in Cambridge.

Any advice for the next generation of nurses?: Know that although exams are used to test your knowledge they do not define you as a nurse. Yes, you must study hard to graduate and pass the NCLEX to become a registered nurse but what you learn in clinical experiences is far more valuable in helping you become the best nurse you can be.
For fun I like to cook, workouts, and anything outdoorsy