Kim Clark-Connor -- Occupational Health Connections

Kim Clark-Connor joined OHC last September to start a new occupational health clinic at Boston Scientific in Quincy, MA.

Here is her story:

I was a pre-med student, started hearing stories of other pre-med students who were paying hundreds of dollars on application fees and flights around the country for interviews, said no can do and changed my major to nursing.

As an RN, I began in a hospital and gained experience working Med-Surg/Tele/Pedi/ICU/ED, then after an offer to teach at the college level I added an instructor of A&P and Nutrition. My experience in OH began with the FBI and after a move and a too lengthy daily commute I accepted a position as a manager at a blood donor center. When I became a Mom, I took a brief hiatus from my career and then dove back in as a school nurse, a school nurse leader, finally returning to the field of OH, where I plan to remain. An exciting opportunity came up to apply to the FBI.

Wanting to return to OH but not finding any ideal opportunities I started working with Nancy at OHC, was able to take on available assignments for a company and became a good fit, accepting an offer. Through OHC I found an open position much closer to where I lived and returned to work with OHC.

OHC allows independent practice but is always there to support and advise where needed. Nancy, although I do not know where she finds the time, periodically calls to see how things are going and is a great listener.

Lessons learned: If you are able, do not be afraid to jump in with OHC, whether you prefer a few hours a week to a permanent full-time position or just want some variation to prevent boredom, I’m grateful I did.

Advice for the next generation of nurses: Be kind – to yourself, your patients, other nurses and people in general.  We all notice.