Jake (John) Schabacker

Jake (John) Schabacker RN joined OHC’s team this August.
He has helped with covid screening, testing, and vaccinations at biotech companies, a construction site and even a cruise ship.
Jake is in the blue scrubs in this photo.

Here is his story:
It was the turn of the millennium and I had just graduated college with a BA in psychology, something I had planned on building on with a master’s degree and maybe someday even a doctorate.

In the mean time however, I needed to make some money. I was already working as a habilitation aid in a home for adults with special needs and one of the nurses there told me now that I had a bachelor’s degree, I could earn a second one in nursing in only a year. It was what made sense at the time and that is what I did.
Soon I had my first nursing job on an oncology unit in New York City. What followed was a career primarily in psychiatric nursing which I have been doing ever since.

OHC came along at a time when I was taking some time away from the field, for a variety of reasons. Since then, I have happily stayed on board per diem to help out with covid related tasks such as screenings for companies, testing, and administering the vaccine. It is a great low-stress way to make extra money on the side for any nurse and I have definitely enjoyed it. I look forward to continuing to work for Nancy in the years to come.
My advice to future nurses is to never lose your sense of humor and definitely be aware of your own limits and know when and how to take some time for yourself.
When I am not working, I enjoy restoring antiques, sometimes for money, sometimes not. I find reward in breathing new life into old things.