Emily Turner RN joined OHC in September

Emily Turner RN joined OHC in September and has quickly become an important member of our team.

She has worked for us at Insulet, multiple construction sites and has been an integral part of the Moderna, nurse response team.

Here is Emily’s story:

Hi Everyone! My name is Emily and I have been a nurse for over a year. I am finishing up a direct entry master’s program at Regis College and am just a few months from becoming an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. I have always known I wanted to be an advanced practice provider, but it was not until I worked closely with a group of amazing emergency nurses that I knew I wanted to be a nurse. In the past year I have tutored nursing students and worked in long-term care and the cardiothoracic ICU.

I became an OHC employee shortly after a nurse-friend recommended the company to me, stating that Nancy is the best boss ever! I have found this to be true and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to foster relationships with people and companies throughout all of Boston.

I have held numerous jobs at OHC and have worked with cutting-edge companies that have led the way to end this pandemic. Throughout these unforeseen times, OHC has taught me patience and perseverance as together we navigate a new and unfamiliar frontier in nursing. With that being said, my advice to the next generation of nurses is to enter this career with an open-mind and the willingness to be flexible and patient.

For fun, I enjoy hiking and traveling to the Finger Lakes region of NY.