Eileen Brown RN has worked with OHC for 16 years!

Eileen Brown RN has worked with OHC for 16 years!!!

She has worked for OHC at the Post Office general mail facility, Federal government buildings, Cambridge Health Alliance occ health clinic, Children’s & Brigham & Women’s Hospital doing flu shots, a summer at a construction site but most of the time in employee health at Dana Farber.
Eileen is a pleasure to work with and we are always happy to have her back in the spring!

Here is Eileen’s story: (photo- Eileen is in the red sweater)

I grew up in Dorchester the youngest of 2 girls. My parents were Irish Immigrants who met here. My father was a self-employed plasterer and my mother worked in our home. My sister and I attended St Peters in Dorchester and Msgr Ryan Memorial high school. I wanted to be a dental hygienist or a nurse.
Went to Catherine Laboure School of Nursing and our class was the last to graduate a three-year program (summers off). I was a “commuter” our first year and lived in a dorm for years 2 and 3 There I met some of my best friends.
I Met Bob (my husband) at age 14- but did not “go steady”. Married the June after graduating nursing and have 2 daughters and 2 sons and 10 grandchildren now. We bought our house in Milton the month before our wedding and still live there. About 7 months a year we live a small condo in West Palm Beach.
As a nurse, I first worked in orthopedics, hospital nursery, private duty. Went to Emmanuel College part time and got a BS is psychology worked in occupational nursing at the post Office in downtown Boston (with a Laboure classmate) for 18 years— Studied and passed my certification as a COHN-S/ CM.
Bob had various health problems and I worried he would not have his dream of being in Florida, so I jumped ship. The Post office used Occ Health Connections for vacancies/ vacations, and I signed up with Nancy. Never did I think I would find my dream job. Worked at various places over the years but my favorite was as Dana Faber Occ Health Services- many years over the summer into flu season. I loved the staff there. Intelligent, respectful, dedicated and fun. I loved going to work, part of their team.
Occupational Health Connections gave me so many opportunities AND benefits. And Nancy Clover (and Paul) have been GREAT to work with.
For fun, we traveled a lot, watched our son Mark play golf at many PGA tournaments, watch the grandkids various school sports. For 25 years had a trailer in a Campground in Bourne. Still get together with our childhood friends from Dorchester regularly and are happy to call ourselves “snowbirds”.