Claire Hopkins RN

Claire Hopkins RN recently joined OHC to help with some Covid vaccine clinics.

We share the same passion for how the environment effects health!

Here is her story:

I found nursing later in life and held several jobs in different fields before finding the nursing profession. I see where I am now as a combination of the ideals I was raised with in conjunction with life experience.
The idea of service has been an ever-present grounding principle in my life. Coming from a family of public defenders, medical professionals, and social workers, service has always been an intrinsic value which has guided my academic, professional, and personal pursuits thus far.

I went to UMass Amherst for my undergraduate degree in communications and psychology. It was here I discovered a passion for environmental sustainably. I pursued this passion, and it took me around the world. I focused on work in academia, empowered by my success in college, first at Yale and then in England at the University of Cambridge. I chose sustainability because, at its core, sustainability is about service to the environment, aiming to improve the life and wellbeing of others. While I enjoyed what I did, my work lacked the more personal, direct impact. I realized I desired an environment where I could have that interpersonal connection and impact, but also be academically engaged.

The medical field, specifically the role of an advanced practice nurse, stood out to me as the marriage of service, interpersonal connection, and applied knowledge, so much so that I moved back to the United States. I took a job at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and took night classes. I am now an RN pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Graduate School of Nursing. So far, nursing has surpassed my original assumptions and I am excited to continue to explore the field through my doctoral work and my professional experience.

My advice for future nurses would be to explore the profession and take on new and interesting challenges. Nursing is an amazingly large field that is filled with so many specialties.

What I do for fun is sadly limited by working full time and going to school full time. In the rare downtime I do have I create jewelry and artwork. I also have a dog who I love going on nature walks with.