Andrew Graham RN joined OHC right after he passed his RN boards

Andrew Graham RN joined OHC right after he passed his RN boards.

He was also a new Dad to Kennedy! Talk about overachieving.
He has worked at multiple sites for OHC. He is quite and competent and we are glad he joined our team.

Here is Andrew’s story:

Why nursing school: I never intended to go into healthcare. Nobody, even in my extended family, is involved in healthcare in really any capacity. It was only after I went through a difficult health challenge of my own that I developed an interest, and a strong motivation to help others restore their health. Nursing was the best fit in my mind due to its emphasis on patient care.

My Jobs: Right now, I work for OHC while also attending Boston College as an FNP student.

How I ended up at OHC: Word of mouth! Several classmates spoke highly of OHC and they were right–it has been a tremendous job to have, especially while also in school.
What is my job at OHC like: Since I joined OHC after the start of the pandemic, my job at OHC has been all about COVID. I have been at several different businesses, ranging from construction sites to biotech companies, serving as a site resource and performing COVID screenings.

Any advice for the next generation of nurses: Nursing is as rewarding as you make it. During your rotations, you may notice that nurses/units doing the same type of work can have tremendously different attitudes. Surround yourself with optimistic and hard-working individuals throughout school and your career, and you will find that nursing is as rewarding as you thought it might be. Also, use UWorld as much as possible while in school. It is the best.

For fun I like to play basketball, listen to music, watch sports, play board games and cook.