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Be prepared to fill permanent posts
when the need arises

Businesses and hospitals with comprehensive occupational and employee health programs need help from time to time. Whether seeking to fill a new position or replace a departing professional, Occupational Health Connections helps you be prepared when these circumstances arise.


As your nationwide partner in occupational and employee health, Occupational Health Connections specializes in recruiting and placing qualified nurse practitioners and nurses in hospital settings and a variety of other industries. Because your time is valuable, Occupational Health Connections relieves you of the time-consuming — and often frustrating practice — of pre-screening, evaluating and recruiting qualified personnel.


At the outset, your criteria, standards and workplace culture are carefully assessed. Occupational Health Connections then painstakingly researches, recruits and pre-screens occupational and employee health professional candidates for permanent openings with your organization. Health professionals and employers are always carefully matched, assuring a perfect fit.





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